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Guest – High Gear

The 6 Speed MT82 manual transmission has a few common problems which we will explain in detail to assist with the diagnosis of your MT82 manual transmission problems. We have seen apparent heavy use of MT82 transmission which causes the MT82 transmission to eventually wear out. Specifically, we have seen severe damage to the synchro slider and second gear. What are your experiences with the MT82 manual transmission?

Memphis, TN, USA

Guest – Tommy

I have an 11 5.0 Mustang with a MT82. I have had (for awhile) a whine coming from the trans in 1st-4th but no shift issues. Had a shop dyno the car, add a McLeod RST clutch, Clutch line, Tru-Trac diff, Barton Short throw with 2 post bracket. I had issues after the clutch install getting blocked out of gears on the track and that’s when I installed the Barton short throw with bracket and got rid of the spring assist on the clutch pedal. Car shifts like a dream on and off the track, but does make loud clanging noises at idle with the clutch to the floor. I thought it might be the Clutch since the twin discs are known to be noisy, but with the clutch to the floor it is not engaged so I am doubting it has anything to do with that. Like I said, car shifts like a dream even with this noise…any idea what this could be? Also I read a lot about changing fluids…what fluid is recommended since apparently Ford got this wrong according to a few thousand other people lol.

Guest – Ray

we had a primary shaft bearing failure and that was replaced but after reassembly it jumps out of reverse.
possible causes???

Kolonistenweg, Paramaribo, Suriname

Guest – Joseph

I have a 2011 5.0. And just recently started having problems and they only seem to get worse. Sometimes I get locked out shifting between gears…but all gears shift fine .. I have to pump the clutch then push it into gear and 4th gear goes in fine driving normal. But feels weak & its grinding bad…getting worse by the day I just ordered a MGW race spec short throw and some Royal Purple syncro fluid. Hoping it helps. More than likely. I might have to drop the tranny out and have it rebuilt. Looking into rebuild with AMP performance parts. Anyone used those before???