Guest – High Gear
July 9, 2018
Guest – Ray
July 9, 2018

Guest – Tommy

I have an 11 5.0 Mustang with a MT82. I have had (for awhile) a whine coming from the trans in 1st-4th but no shift issues. Had a shop dyno the car, add a McLeod RST clutch, Clutch line, Tru-Trac diff, Barton Short throw with 2 post bracket. I had issues after the clutch install getting blocked out of gears on the track and that’s when I installed the Barton short throw with bracket and got rid of the spring assist on the clutch pedal. Car shifts like a dream on and off the track, but does make loud clanging noises at idle with the clutch to the floor. I thought it might be the Clutch since the twin discs are known to be noisy, but with the clutch to the floor it is not engaged so I am doubting it has anything to do with that. Like I said, car shifts like a dream even with this noise…any idea what this could be? Also I read a lot about changing fluids…what fluid is recommended since apparently Ford got this wrong according to a few thousand other people lol.

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